Google Now updates and lets you access your cards offline

Google Now updates and lets you access your cards offline

From now on you can now access your Google Now cards even without an internet connectionbecause the content is loaded into the software. So you no longer have to lose your mind if you update the app while it is out of range of a connecting network.

Google now offline
Google Now may already have content accessed even when users are disconnected! / AndroidPIT

Prior to this update, once the app was updated out of range of a network, everything was lost and a message said you were disconnected. Finally, however, the developers decided to side with the user, and even without the internet, Google Now would display the cards that were there the last time the network signal came.

So you no longer need to take screenshots to remember an appointment or the address of your interviews, as they will remain there, even if you forget to update the app when you are out of range of an internet network.

To use the service, make sure it is up to date!

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And how about the news? It was high time we had this feature available in an app that centralizes so much information!

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