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Google Now Receives Widget and Incorporates New Features

One of Google's most innovative features has come to offer more features. After mistakenly publishing information about a new Widget for the Google Now app, the Android developer team goes public and confirms the news. Plus, Big G kicked off a series of partnerships to make life easier for the user … but beware, don't let Google Now dominate you!

First of all, I must confess that my experience with Google Now is in its early stages, I have rarely used the software, only in tests with GS3 and in English. But even with a few hours of flight with this technology, one thing is certain, Google Now is a service that can be compared to that of a personal secretary, one who knows the boss's life better than his wife.

With that in mind, the Mountain View company has started a partnership service in the United States. A US user can now check out movie reviews using the Google Now movie card that uses Rotten Tomatoes information, and after choosing what to watch, can buy the movie ticket using the Fandango sales website. Following this path, Google Now saves the data of this event and reminds the user of the date, notifies the time he needs to leave so as not to miss the session and draws tickets when he arrives at the cinema. It's so perfect that it's even scary!

If an American is considering relocating, Google Now will act as real estate broker using information from Zillow. In addition, when ordering furniture for the new house, the user can pull the apartment information to compare footage. Great!

And to make it more palpable, the search giant has developed a widget – let's combine until it took a while. With three card options, you customize the widget with information that is relevant to you, and it is accessible on the home screen and lock screen, so the user doesn't even have to open the app to get the information they're looking for. And, my dears, at least the widget is already available for those who have Android 4.1 or higher also in Brazil.

To update the Google Now app, go to the Play Store via your smartphone or use the AndroidPIT App Center:

Download Google Now

In your case, when using Google Now, do you share all the information required by the App, or do you get one (or two) feet behind? Do you consider that one of Google's most innovative services can also be one of the most invasive? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

There is still no forecast for partnerships outside the US, but the trend is for service to be added to other markets around the world.

Images: Official Android Blog

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