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Google Now now with corrections for voice search errors and reminders

O Google Now gets two new improvements. After enabling the hotword "Ok Google" in Portuguese, now it's time to optimize the voice search so that the user can correct the machine's misinterpretation of the words through voice commands and also add occasional reminders. Check out how both features work.

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Say goodbye to miscommunication with Google Now! / Google; AndroidPIT

Google Now Introduces Occasional Reminders

After you give the voice prompt for a certain reminder, the "When" and "Where" options will open, which can be scheduled for "today", "tomorrow", "occasionally" or "set dates". Then you can set the day and time. Let's say you choose the "occasionally" option: the reminder will occasionally appear as a card in Google Now and can be postponed or postponed to another day. Now, if you choose to use an exact range, Google Now will send a reminder on the given date. I believe that this may change in the future, as reminders are always welcome in advance – two or three days would be ideal. To access all the reminders, just click on the little touch with a touch at the bottom, next to the application settings menu.

Google now reminders

Google Now optimizes machine understanding

The Google developer team is always sending updates to your voice assistant to improve machine understanding, whether it's a smartphone, tablet or laptop. The latest news was the best interaction between the user and the software. Now, instead of redoing the search, you can tell the application that it is wrong, that you meant something else. And the best part of all this is that it is all in Portuguese. To see a Google Now voice search simulation, click here.

Google Now Understanding Corrections

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And, did you like this news from Google Now? Do you think they can change your usage experience with your Android device?

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