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Google Now Launcher arrives via Google Search update

google now lancher2
LNG / Droid-Life splash screen

The new launcher brings some news:

  • look Nexus 5, with slightly larger cones;
  • a unique screen for Google Now;
  • widgets are accessible only by a long tap on the main screen;
  • 6 columns on tablets (instead of the previous 5);
  • AirBNB reservations through Google Now;
  • cards now expand showing new options;
  • possibility to "import" the icons and folders from the old screens or "Start from scratch".
google now lancher intro
Google Now Launcher Start Options / AndroidPIT

To install the Google Now Launcher, You must have already installed on your device the Google Home app Then you need to install the apk from Google Search. Remembering that AndroidPIT is not responsible for apps or apks installed outside or inside the Google Play Store, only do this if you know what you're doing.

(updated February 6): To install the launcher, need to have Android 4.1 or higherbut not necessary root.

I used LNG for most of the day, and didn't notice any sudden changes, however I have a Moto G, which comes with Android almost vanillaSo the differences are not very big. Has anyone installed over a heavier UI like TouchWiz?

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