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Google Now has come to Chrome beta … and what does it mean?

Tomorrow is the international day without a smartphone, which we are after today, but it seems that Chrome developers are wanting users to put their smartphones aside and use their desktop more. Google Now has arrived for Chrome beta And that means that the next time you finish writing an email using your PC or laptop, Google Now may suggest that you leave the office a little early to avoid an old acquaintance called "heavy traffic" on the way. From home.

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How about getting traffic information on your desktop? / Chrome Blog

Since launching its personal assistant, Google has been pushing the software to all platforms, including Glass. The Play Store already uses Now's card system, the Nexus 5 UI comes full of service references and now Chrome's turn to the wheel.

Using the trial version of the Big G browser, to see notifications, click the bell icon on your desktop (Mac and Windows) or the numbered box (Chromebook) to open Chrome's notification center. That is, you first need the beta version of Chrome to start the game. To download the build Chrome Beta release, click here.

If you already use Google Now on your Android, you know that the feature can be a hand in hand, especially when you're signed in to the browser and app with the same account. Searches like movie directions and schedules will then be redirected to Google Now on your Android. Unfortunately, Google Now notifications in Chrome are only available in English, but developers have promised that other languages ​​will be supported very soon.

And, what do you think about Google's initiative to put Google Now on every possible platform and gadget? What do you use Google Now for?

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