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Google News Spent: Avoiding Excessive App Internet Consumption

It often happens that some intrusive application sucks most of our internet data plan. This happened to me last week, where, on occasion, the Videoder app consumed 2 GB of my data package in just one day. At the time it was a bug that occurred and was soon fixed with an update.

Cases like this are not difficult to happen, as even Google News is experiencing the inconvenience. For several users have reported that the application has consumed a high amount of their data packages. There are cases where the app has sucked more than 24 GB in less than one ms of usage, something out of the ordinary for any app.

Complaints began to emerge in May of this year, and have increasingly intensified over the months. Things get even worse, because even when the user turns on the option for the app to access the internet only when connected via Wi-Fi, the app still consumes the data.

app data
High Data Consumption / theverge

Google is already aware of the problem, so much so that a Google representative spoke through the US Mashable website saying this: We apologize for the problem this failure has caused our users. We are looking for a way to remedy this.

While Google works around the situation, you can use some methods that can solve the problem, such as using the WhatsApp app to demonstrate how to disable the use of app data. To do this do the following:

  • Go to your smartphone settings and select the apps or apps option;
  • Search for the application you want to restrict;
  • Get into Data Usage;
  • Disable the Background data option and also disable the "Mobile data" option;
disable data
Disable the Mobile data usage option of the app / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Having done that, it is very likely that Google News will no longer consume your data package, however, the app will only work when connected via Wi-Fi. To prevent your entire franchise from being consumed, this is a good temporary option while the problem is not. be solved.

Did you face this issue with the Google News app?

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