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Google Meet and Duo get news to improve their video calls

Google Meet and Google Duo received new features that improve your meetings and video calls

Remote work is becoming increasingly necessary for the protection and well-being of people during this quarantine period due to the HIV pandemic. new coronavirus. For this reason, digital media must guarantee a quality service to all users. Thinking about this scenario that demands efficient solutions quickly, the Google launched several updates for its two video chat and video call chat platforms, the Google Meet (business version of Google Hangouts) it's the Google Duo.

Google Meet updates

O Google announced in recent weeks the expansion of advanced resources of the Meet for all users of the G Suite, cloud services platform for companies. In addition, the service has enhanced engineering support to offer the new features to a wide range of users worldwide. All of these new features use technologies such as Google Artificial Intelligence, to improve the quality of the meetings and the experience of the users.

Mosaic video layout

Expanding the layout now allows users to view simultaneously up to 16 participants (previously it was possible to see up to four people at a time). O Google it also intends to develop other modalities for even larger meetings, with layouts presented in different ways, available for different types of devices.

Mosaic layout on Google MeetYou can view up to 16 participants at the same time in a meeting at Google Meet

High quality video presentation with audio

Now users can display only one tab specific to the Chrome during video calls, instead of showing the entire screen. This functionality is extremely useful if you need to share a video with high quality content during your meetings and need to ensure the best experience for those who are watching.

Low light mode

Artificial intelligence goes into action in the Meet to automatically adjust the lighting for videoconferences, in addition to making participants more visible in conditions where the light is less than ideal. This feature is only available for mobile users for now, and will be available in the future for browsers as well.

low light mode in Google MeetWith low light mode you will never again have lighting problems in your calls

Noise cancellation

Sound interruptions are bad for any conversation, especially at work meetings. Thus, to limit these inconvenient sounds, the Meet now you can intelligently filter out distractions that are in the background, such as pet noises or the keyboard while typing, making notes during conferences.

google meet noise cancellationCanceling noises will remove any inconvenient sound during your meetings

This function will be available in the coming weeks for customers of G Suite Enterprise and G Suite Enterprise for Education, starting for browser users, and later for mobile devices. You access the Google Meet applications for Android at Play Store and iOS at App Store, and through web browsers.

Google Duo updates

Even in these times of social detachment, the social agenda of many people remains busy with happy hours with friends, family reunions over the weekend, birthday parties, etc. All of this happens in Google Duo, the video calling application of Google available for Android or iOS, tablets, internet browsers on devices Windows, Mac or ChromeOS (and even on smart speakers like the Nest Mini). More of 1.7 million users register with the Duo every day. That's why Google is launching new features that help make us feel close even when we're away.

Safe and reliable calls

High-quality video calls with guaranteed privacy are essential. Therefore, in addition to ensuring end-to-end data encryption, the company is making constant improvements to ensure that video calls are clear and uninterrupted. O Duo uses artificial intelligence to reduce interruptions in audio. Over the next week, the Google launch a new video codec technology to improve the quality and reliability of the image in calls even in low bandwidth connections.

Record everyday special movements

With the new update of Google Duo, whoever is on a video call can take a photo of the participants, quickly and simply, on the phone, tablet or Chromebook. The registered images are placed side by side, in a frame and automatically shared with everyone present in the call to be saved and saved in memory.

Google Meet and Duo get news to improve their video calls

Reindeer more people on video calls

Group calls have never been so hot before! O Google has registered a volume eight times higher than normal in this type of connection by Duo. Now it is possible to have up to 12 participants (and no more 8) in a call via Android or iOS. In the coming weeks, the company promises to increase the maximum number of participants to 32.

Google Meet and Duo get news to improve their video calls

Tell the people that you're thinking of them

If you are unable to make a call, do not Google Duo now there is an alternative to sending videos, voice messages, photos and notes. These messages can be personalized with text, emojis and drawings. To get an idea of ​​how this type of popular message, the Google registered in the last weeks an increase of 180% sending messages and 800% in the regions most affected by the social distance measures. Can you say I miss you or I'm thinking about you using one of the effects offered by Duo. Plus, you can save your most important scraps forever if you don’t want them to be deleted after 24 hours.

Google Meet and Duo get news to improve their video calls

O Google Duo is available for Android at Play Store, iOS at App Store and on desktop web browsers Windows, Mac and Chromebook.

So, reader, what did you think of the news from Google Meet and Google Duo? Leave your opinion in the comments.

Source: Google Brazil Blog, Google Cloud Blog