Google may launch five Nexus devices by the end of the year

According to the Wall Street Journal, Google plans to give early access to new versions of Android to more manufacturers in an attempt to launch five Nexus devices by the end of November this year.

According to the source heard by the newspaper, the Mountain View giant was intent on bringing new Nexus devices to life, but this time offering the possibility that more manufacturers could have access to the 5th generation of Android, code-named ā€œJelly Beanā€.

"The plan also aims to alleviate the concerns of smartphone and tablet manufacturers who build devices that use Android, many are cautious with Google because of their acquisition of Motorola," published the American newspaper.

The five devices would be sold directly through the Google Play Store. Currently, Google sells the Galaxy Nexus (Galaxy X) on its website for just $ 399 and on operators Sprint and Verizon in the US.