Google may be developing its own processors

Google may be developing its own processors

Google may be developing its own smartphone processors. According to the international press, the technology will create chips to equip their smartphones, starting in 2021.

Axios writes that, in addition to this first investment, the tech giant should also develop processors for its Chromebooks, just like Apple has been doing for several years.

"Whitechapel" is allegedly the production name of the chip. Rumors indicate that it is an eight-color ARM processor, designed based on Samsung's 5 nanometer process. The chip will be optimized to enhance the machine learning technology of the American company and the performance of the brand's virtual assistant, according to the Axios report.

This will not be Google's first adventure in the chip segment, as the company has already developed security chips for some of its mobile equipment, as well as a co-processor with which it equipped its Pixel 4, called Pixel Neural Core.

Note that Google phones are now equipped with Qualcomm processors. The move to a chip, specifically designed to enhance the performance of their equipment and software can improve the experience that users have with the brand's hardware, in the same way that Apple chips impacted the experience we have with the iPhone or MacBook.

Google was contacted by the Engadget portal for comment, but did not confirm the information.