Google Maps vs. Here Maps: Duel between Google and Nokia

One of the most useful and most commonly used services on smartphones daily is maps. If you have an Android device, it is normal to have Google Maps installed, or to check it over the internet. This is the software that almost everyone uses, unless you have an iPhone, which uses a much-criticized map service itself. Nokia now has its own software, called Here, and today we compare it to Google Maps.

google here maps
Google Maps vs. Here Maps: who will win? / ANDROIDPIT

First of all, we should note that you will not find Here Maps in the Google Play store. You need to download it otherwise: In the official XDA Developers topic, you can download the APK and install it on your device like any other.

Install on Google Play

Google Maps vs. Here Maps: interface

Honestly, I didn't expect anyone to get to Google when it came to maps, but Here did it. I liked the Nokia application interface better. Both look great, but the map interface Nokia has designed for its simple, easy-to-read, and above all well-kept app. As a gamer, I really appreciate a well-made map, and this is the case. Sure, Google's are good too, but Nokia's achievement strikes me as noteworthy.

google here maps 1
Here (right) and Google Maps left: Almost the same. / ANDROIDPIT

A very positive aspect of Here Maps is the ability to download maps for offline use. As you all know, this option is still very limited in Google Maps. As for menus and changing covers (map types), everything is done with a maximum of two taps on the screen. Google Maps is also very intuitive, and the few differences I find that on Google Maps covers are inside the menu, whereas Here Maps are outside on a standalone button, despite having fewer covers than Google Maps.

google here maps 4
Public transportation is best shown by Here Maps (right). / ANDROIDPIT

Very similar are the public transport and satellite maps that I show below. Here Maps shows metro and train information better. I don't have to go too far to see where the stops are.

In the case of satellite imagery, as both services use the same source, it only changes the way of marking streets and highways. Honestly, in the meeting a lot of difference.

google here maps 5
The satellite view is almost identical. / ANDROIDPIT

It is worth mentioning that soon Here Maps will also have Street View. We have seen photography cars sometimes registering Berlin.

Google Maps vs. Here Maps: Navigation

In terms of speed, both work the same way, that is, they are almost perfect. I must also remember that this function depends on your internet connection. It strikes me as curious that both software offer two or three different routes to go from one point to another, and neither looks alike. In other words, they gave me 6 different routes. As I live in Berlin and use the car and bicycle, I must say that based on my experience Here Maps chose the best route in the example below.

google here maps 3
It looks like Here Maps (right) navigates better too. / ANDROIDPIT

One advantage of Google Maps is the introduction of voice destination, working with Ok Google directly, without opening the app. Here Maps obviously does not yet have such a feature.


Google Maps no longer needs to assert itself. Time has given this app the credit and popularity it now enjoys. It is useful, practical and ideal for daily use. Nokia recently introduced its Here Maps, and I had a nice surprise. I will give the service a try and try it for some time. I think Google has to work hard to keep you from losing market to Here Maps.

Already downloaded Here Maps? What did you think of him?

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