Google Maps takes you to TARDIS, the Doctor Who time machine


Google has added a new easter egg to Google Street View that allows users to get inside and get to know TARDIS, the spaceship and time machine in the sci-fi series Doctor Who.

“TARDIS can take its passengers anywhere in time and space, although its exterior looks like a London police cabin due to an irreparable defect in the camouflage system, its interior is much larger than the exterior, containing numerous rooms” explains Wikipedia.


1) To access TARDIS, you must first open this link (use Chrome’s incognito mode – and you may have to adjust the zoom to show the navigation arrows).

2) As shown in the image above, look for that double arrow, it will give access into the cabin. Enjoy it! 🙂

3) When leaving the cabin, the images on Google Maps will undergo a small change, indicating that you probably walked in time.

See the differences between the image above and the one below: