Google Maps public transit directions [SP e BH]

Google Brazil today announced a new feature in Google Maps which allows you to find routes using public transport in the cities of So paulo and Belo Horizonte. The availability of the information is the result of a partnership between Google, SPTrans, EMTU and BHTtrans.

With Google Public Transport, or also known as Google Transit, Google Maps users can now get quick information about itineraries of various public transport. In the case of the city of Belo Horizonte, the interested can view bus and subway routes. For the city of So Paulo, bus, metro and train routes are available.

The news, which is being implemented gradually, should be completed for all users next week. According to Alex Dias, Managing Director of Google Brazil, the implementation is done at random and helps the company's engineers monitor any issues that may affect the user's experience.

Photograph: Executive Alex Dias presents the new Google Public Transport at the Press Conference held at Googleplex So Paulo (in the Google Brazil BH team).