Google Maps now offers listings for exploring the city

Google announced that Google Maps now has an indication of places close to you, providing information about establishments, reviews and user tips.

"To make this even more incredible, the app now has lists indicating the best places to drink caipirinhas or eat drumsticks, for example," says the company.

“The lists can be made by Google Maps users or partners, and can be shared or restricted. It will also be possible to save the lists and access the content whenever you want, including offline. Everything will be available in the explore tab, within the application ”.

One of the first partners is the Guide of the Week that offers “a special list of the World Cup with the best places to watch the championship games”.

For those who keep Location History enabled, Google Maps recommends restaurants and bars based on a rating of your own preferences and the likelihood that you will like that location.

“Discover the best hamburgers in town, try different cuisines and create goals for yourself, the lists will show you which of those places you have visited. Take advantage and do a competition with your friends to see who knows more pizzerias in the city ”.

The lists also show what's hot, the most visited places at the moment, photos, descriptions and filter by categories like "good for kids", "cheap" or indoor or outdoor "so you can find the right place for your mood of the day.

Saying your preferences to the app also allows it to indicate places according to what you like.