Google Maps lana interface for game developers

Google Maps now provides all of the tool mapped scenarios for creating games that take place in countries, cities, streets… Game developers now have free access to the geo-localization system's Application Programming Interface (APIs).

With Google Maps' landscapes, developers can work with any kind of scenery like medieval games, apocalyptics, candy land and whatever else the imagination allows, no matter where their players are. Remembering that the tool is always updated with real time information with great location data.

You can use real-world location data and choose the best places for gameplay for your users, as well as create quests, add extras to the game or leave rewards. Imagine seeing your city, walking its street and recognizing your favorite places while playing.

To make game programming easier, Google Maps data was brought to the Unity game engine. We've turned buildings, roads, and parks into GameObjects at Unity, where developers can add texture, style, and customization to match their game's look. This means that they can focus on building more complex and interesting games rather than spending time building scenarios on a global scale.

There are over 100 million 3D buildings, roads, landmarks and parks in over 200 countries.