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Google Maps gets suggested multimodal routes; Outlook, Prizmo, IGTV and Apple Music beta for Android are updated

And we're back with the recent updates of the most popular or relevant apps from App store or outside of it. Let's take a look?

Google Maps

A few weeks after adding support for bike stations in various locations around the world (including So Paulo and Rio), Google Maps today brought another good news for those navigating the city: suggested routes truly multimodal.

Google Maps with multimodal route suggestions

Previously, Maps was able to offer public transit routes by combining means such as subway and bus, but now that capacity has been significantly expanded. The platform is able, for example, to suggest a route that starts with a short pedal ride to a subway station, the subsequent path on the tracks and, at the end, a quick trip from Uber or 99 to get past the final kilometer of your route.

Google Maps app icon - Traffic & Food

The idea of ​​Google is just to provide a way to get you from your origin to your destination without having to walk through many streets or places that are not suitable for pedestrians. Uber routes have started to be available on Google Maps today in over 30 countries (including Brazil); On iOS, the bike option has also been added, and it will appear on Android in the coming weeks.


Microsoft Outlook app icon

Microsoft's email client has gained support for Dark mode 13 in time for the new system to arrive. But we are not talking about a simple color inversion: the Redmond giant is really committed to giving the Outlook a new look in its dark verse, with a visual refinement rarely given to this type of feature.

The news has come for both iOS and Android, and activated on the Ma system, along with its global preference. According to Jon Friedman, head of design at sute Office, the design of Outlook in Dark Mode was thought from scratch from the gray palette of the design language. Fluent, and the team thought through every detail of this version to the way shadows behave in the darkened look.

What's more, Microsoft is committed to bringing that same Dark Mode to other Office applications before the arrival of iOS 13. The video below shows a preview of what we'll have:

There is no news of when the Word, O Power point, O Excel, O OneNote or the To-do I'll receive the news, but the new Outlook can be downloaded or updated right from the App Store or Google Play.


Prizmo 5 app icon ›Pro Scanner

Developer Creaceed, meanwhile, updated the popular iOS scanner with a number of new features. O Prizmo 5 It has an updated interface that favors scanning multiple documents (or multi-page documents) faster, and built-in technologies are designed to help with this process.

We have, for example, a new CoreML-supported automatic page detection and auto-triggering technology, as well as two OCR options, one with on-device processing, with support for 28 languages, and another, high-performance, cloud-based ability to recognize handwriting (English only, for now).

We also support background OCR processing, new PDF options (such as password and compression formats), automatic document upload to cloud services, intelligent interaction with detected data (such as phone numbers, dates, locations, email addresses or links), built-in text reader and more.

The new version of Prizmo is finally supported by Siri Shortcuts, so you can scan a document quickly with an assistant driven command. The app can be downloaded for free from the App Store, but unlocking its full features is done with an internal purchase of R $ 35 (or of R $ 19if you have a Prizmo license 4).


Instagram IGTV app icon

The video platform of Instagram received some changes long requested by content creators. Now the minimum or maximum duration requirement for videos posted from 1 and 15 minute mobile devices, respectively, and users will be able to perform the crop video previews directly from apps.

Now IGTV also offers suggestions for hashtags, descriptions and titles. The app can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

Apple Music for Android

Finally, the test version of the Apple Music for Android got a good news: protocol support Chromecast, for you to broadcast your music, playlists and radios directly to compatible devices.

Chromecast support on Apple Music beta for Android

Same as other Chromecast-enabled apps: If your smartphone or tablet is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the target device, a cast icon appears at the top of the screen. Just tap on it to send the playing content automatically to it, without major difficulties.

In addition, the latest beta of the app supports over 100,000 external radio stations, with sources like iHeartRadio and TuneIn as announced in the iOS 13 ad keynote. We don't know when the features will be included in the final version of Apple Music for Android, but it's likely to be soon.