Google Maps for iOS now lets you mark where you parked your car

A superb new feature for the Google Maps was announced yesterday (4/25) on the company's official blog. Now, for both iOS and Android, the option of save the place where you parked your car.

Google Maps Parking

There are two ways to mark the location: a manual and an automatic one. In the manual, just touch the blue icon which shows your current location and it will show you the option "Set as parking place". As soon as you do, a blue icon with a “P” appears (from parking) in the map.

By touching the icon, you can see the exact address, download the map, share and “clean” (remove the mark). As soon as you add a new parking spot, the old one is deleted. In the Android version, you can still edit the address, add notes and the remaining time.

The other way to add is the easiest: automatically. And that happens if you connect iPhone to your car via a USB or Bluetooth cable. As soon as you disconnect the device from the vehicle or leave it, the app will understand that you have parked and mark that location for you. Apple's native Maps app itself already does this, but as many prefer Google's

The feature is really very welcome, especially if you are one of those weirdos who always lose their car in the parking lot. Pretty cool, huh?

Google Maps app icon - traffic & food

(via 9to5Mac)