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Google Maps for Android will guess your destination

Google Maps for Android has launched a new way of driving that promises to put the maps and routes application in a new era: predictive driving.

Based on your browsing history recorded on the company?s servers, ?Driving Mode? will be able to accurately guess where you are planning to go. According to Google, the goal is to provide users with useful information during their travels.

?A bit like Google Now, this driving mode is completely proactive, showing a map with traffic status on nearby roads and offering multiple routes to expected destinations,? said the Android Police blog.

In this way, the artificial intelligence of Google Maps can learn the user?s routine based on the day of the week and time, suggesting locations and points of interest as soon as the car leaves the garage.

For now, the feature is being launched in English and for only seven countries: the United States, United Arab Emirates, Great Britain, Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore.