Google Maps Brasil starts integrating Panoramio photos to Street View

maps_logo.gifAt the end of May, Google Discovery released, exclusively, the first images of the Google Street View Brasil up in the air.

The service, which was accessible for just a few minutes, could be accessed via an iPhone.

Today, Google has integrated the Panoramio service to Street View, which displays photos sent by users directly on Maps.

You may ask: but it was no longer possible to view Panoramio images on Maps? Yes, it was.

But now, when accessing the map of any Brazilian city, the yellow Street View figure appears available in the left corner of the screen.

When you click on the doll, and drag it over the map, blue balls appear on the screen, indicating where you can find images to view.

In the image below, you can see the Street View figure enabled on a map of Rio de Janeiro.

In the following images, it is possible to view photos of Juiz de Fora and São Paulo, accessed through the new option.

Will we have, soon, the long awaited Google Street View Brasil in the air?

Thanks to the reader Adriano Dias for the tip!