Google Maps and Earth show an island that doesn’t exist

According to The Next Web, an island in the South Pacific, which can be found between Australia and New Caledonia on Google Maps and Earth maps, does not exist in real life. Listed as “Sandy Island”, the area is entirely covered by an ocean measuring 1400 meters, which puts the location in a possible cartographic error.

“It must be an error propagated by several maps. We are talking about a depth of 1400 meters, so it is not possible that changes have occurred during our time. We are talking about processes that would take tens or hundreds of millions of years to cause these types of changes ”, explained Maria Seton, from the University of Sydney.

The flaw was repaired by a research team in the Coral Sea who noticed a discrepancy between the data. However, the island of Sandy has appeared on maps since the year 2000 and possibly contributed to the “human error” ending up on Google services.

“I don’t know how it got on Google Earth, but maybe they used the global database of coastal areas and assumed that there must be a piece of land there. Then, when they saw the satellite images, they noticed that in fact there was no piece of land and that is why they may have painted the area black, ”said Seton.

Was it the island of Lost?