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Google Map Maker will be disabled on March 31

According to our reader Rafael Holanda (thank you!), Google will disable the Google Map Maker service and has already set a date to remove it from the air: March 31st.

Launched in 2008, Google Map Maker was created with the aim of providing an easy way for anyone to create complete maps for 164 countries around the world.

?Map Maker works to make local maps with richer, more complete and more vibrant data,? explained Lalitesh Katragadda, Product Manager at the time.

With the end of Google Map Maker, Google claims to have built in the features of adding and editing places to Google Maps for computers and mobile devices.

?We will continue to launch new features to make sure that you are able to do most of the things that you are used to doing on Map Maker ? like editing roads ? by March 2017 and beyond,? says the company.