Google makes French city think of name change


Believe it or not, but a French city, known today as “I”, is planning to change its nomenclature in order to improve its relevance in Google’s search results.

According to the Marie-Françoise Gaouyer city hall, the difficulty of finding the Upper Normandy region on Google has hampered the city’s tourism and would have already reduced tourist capacity by 33%, reported the English newspaper Telegraph. The explanation for the fact is simple: in addition to being the most common name for the European Union (in English “European Union”), the acronym “EU” is also a very common French verb – “to have”, in the past participle.

As a name change can take up to 5 years to become legal, the current mayor is already considering a quick alternative: buying sponsored links on Google and Yahoo, which would help in promoting the city in a short period of time.

Via: AdNews