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Google: Less than 1% of Androids had security issues in 2014

For the first time, Google has issued its own analytical report on security on Android. Data were collected daily throughout 2014 and analyzed by the Android platform security team. Less than 1% of devices running Google's operating system had malicious applications installed during the time period examined. The even smaller number when we look at the amount of apps installed inside the Play Store: 0.15%.

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Secure system: Less than 1% of Android devices have been infected. ANDROIDPIT
<p>According to the report, so-called security scans ran approximately 200 million devices every day. Connections active over the SSL protocol were also inspected, totaling over 400 million daily scans to prevent any kind of threat. Much of the success in effectiveness against these threats has been identified and reported through the <em>Application Verification</em>, which runs in the background on Android devices and reports potential threatened Google staff detected before or after installation. THE <em>Application Verification</em> provided important data on the behavior of <em>spam</em> and <em>malware</em> used to steal sensitive information from users.</p><div class=

Google confirms that less than 1% of Android devices have some kind of app that poses a danger to the user. This analysis is even more significant when we observe that only 0.15% of threats left the Play Store. The overall rate of rates measuring infected Android devices decreased by 50% between the first and fourth quarter of 2014.

And that, that open-ended, insecure mangled story of the past, don't you think?

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