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Google launches travel planning app, with detailed guide for places and offline use

Everyone comments on the possibility of Google taking over the world and this is nothing new for anyone and not as if we could avoid it. The feeling that I have that Google will develop an app for anything, really taking care of everything. Whether this will ever become reality, we don't know, but after Duo and Allo, the new bet is called Google Trips.

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Google Trips is an app that helps you plan trips and also has a travel guide for you to get to know the places you visit even more.

There is an automatic travel organization process in the app that honestly scared me. When I logged in with my email, Google Trips automatically organized a trip I took in 2014 (!), Adding the location and flights I took on the seo Reservations (Reservations). This information is pulled directly from Gmail, but you can disable it if you want.

Likewise, you can automatically access a new travel plan just by tapping on the first option that shows you your current location or searching for new places by searching.

When you search for a place (or the app automatically shows you at your location), on the home screen you see an image of the place, the name and six options: Reservations (Reservations), Things to do (Things to do), Saved Places (Saved Places), Day Plans (Day Plans), Food & Drink (Food & Drink) and Getting around (Locomoo).

In Reservations, you access all your reservations for flights, restaurants, car rentals, among others. In Things to do you have available a variety of tourist spots, personalized suggestions for you and more. All suggested places have updated operating hours information, maps, reviews and contact details. When you're interested in a place, touch the star to save it in Saved Places.

In Day Plans, you plan the entire route you will take throughout the day; you can build your own travel itinerary by marking the places and time you are there, but you can also use the app's suggestions. In Foods & DrinksIn addition to suggestions for restaurants, bars, etc., there is some relevant information related to the cuisine of the place. Finally, it is possible to access in Getting Around valuable information on transport available on site.

The great advantage of Google Trips is the giant Google database and also the massive contribution of users. In addition, it has the possibility to save all travel planning offline, a great option if you go to a place where internet access is not good or nonexistent. For now, the app is only available in English.

Google Trips is available free of charge for both iOS and Android.

(via The Verge)