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Google launches screen capture extension for Chrome

Since I migrated from Firefox to Chrome, one of the extensions I missed most was Screen Grab. Taking screenshots of web pages was a matter of two clicks. Very simple. As Chrome was lame in that sense, the solution was to turn to image editors.

But, for my happiness, and that of many other Chrome users, Google decided to end this problem and launched the Screen Capture extension.

After installation, an icon will appear next to the Chrome omnibox. When clicked, three options are displayed: capture visible content, capture region and capture the entire page.

In the case of the option to select only one region of the page, a rectangle is displayed, allowing the user to drag it over the page. I found the size of the selected area interesting. Depending on the purpose of the capture, it is a hand on the wheel.

After capturing the page, the user has the option to edit the image, inserting a rectangle, a black stripe, or text.

After editing the image and clicking Done, the extension bar will be changed, allowing the user to save it, continue editing it, or cancel the capture.

In addition, it is possible to customize the extension, changing the color of the rectangle, in addition to defining whether or not it will have padding. In the case of text, the user can change the font color and size.

Screen Capture can be installed clicking here. The output format of the image is PNG. According to its page, 10,100 users already use the extension.

Have you installed it? Tell us what you think of Screen Capture. ?