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Google launches real-time voice transcription on Android

Now the audio transcription on Android does not need internet, is faster, among other news.

Technology companies are always in constant development, whether in their mindset or vision in the face of market transformations, such as the improvement of their products and services. Over the years Google has become a leader in many segments, such as artificial intelligence. She is a powerful ally for facial recognition tasks, user behavior studies and voice transcription.


In its latest releases the Gboard, Google's keyboard for Android, has been receiving special attention from the company, with the possibility of voice typing quickly and completely offline. After extensive testing, functionality has been enhanced thanks to artificial intelligence technology, without the need for an internet connection, this new way of transcribing audio into text, thanks to a powerful system that fuses various speech recognition components. , creating a single neural map that transforms the sound wave signal into its equivalent text.


This new way of transcribing the voice, faster than the conventional way, because it does not require internet access, and taking additional steps that could delay the process, such as access to Google servers and depend on the internet speed of the device, among other things. . And even in the assumption that you are using Gboard in offline mode, this new implementation has a shorter latency and response time, and is superior to the current application.

If you are concerned about the size required for this feature on your device, do not worry, if earlier during its development this disk space could be requested up to 2GB, now with software enhancement, only 85MB claimed.

Devices that will have such functionality

At first, only the devices Pixel, Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 I will receive this news, which are defined with the American English language, if you have any quoted in the list, just access the option: Gboard settings> Voice typing> Faster voice typing and enable the feature, however I think it is a matter of time before such functionality is available on other devices and languages, as is Google's voice assistant on its launch. Remembering that you can use offline audio transcription today, but without the precision and enhancements contained in this new implementation of Gboard.

And did you like the news? Looking forward to testing on your Android? Leave your comments and would you use voice transcription in the little green robot?

I wait for you until the next blog post Diolinux, SYSTEMATICALLY!

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