Google Launches Public Alerts, Emergency Information on Google Maps

Google announced on Wednesday the launch of a new product called Public Alerts. Created from the Crisis Response project, the new platform was developed to provide users with up-to-date information on emergency messages, such as hurricanes and storm alerts, now within Google Maps.

“If a serious weather incident is being addressed to your area, you can find the information you need: What’s going on? Where and when will it happen? How serious should it be? What resources are available to help? The Google Crisis Response team works to provide critical emergency information during crises, ”says the company.

Public Alerts will initially be available for some American cities and depends on partnerships with weather monitoring organizations, civil defense and other public agencies to combat crises. An example of how the new product works can be seen in current Indiana flood warnings.

“By clicking on any warning, Public Alerts will provide detailed information about the location, the severity of the threat and what steps you can take to stay safe.”