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Google launches Pixel Buds 2, the company's new smart wireless headset

Three years after the original, Pixel Buds 2 arrives to compete on an equal footing with Apple AirPods

Without making too much noise, the Google officially launched on Monday (27) the Pixel Buds 2, the new model of wireless headphones developed by the company. The launch took everyone by surprise, as the company did not carry out any type of virtual event to announce it, reserving itself to just make it available for purchase in some stores.

Arriving three years after Pixel Buds the new models are very different from the old headphones of the Google, and bring functions that make them not just simple wireless headphones, but smart wireless headphones, being the equivalent of Google to AirPods gives Apple.

What changes in the new Pixel Buds 2

pixel buds 2 googleUnlike the original model, the Pixel Buds 2 is a fully wireless headset (Image: Droid-Life)

The first difference that we can see in the new models is that these Pixel Buds be completely wireless headphones, no longer having that wire that connects the two ends of the headset. This makes it much more comfortable to use, and avoids problems with the thread getting tangled in your hair or elsewhere, such as on the bus seat.

But, in addition to being completely wireless headphones, Pixel Buds 2 bring some functions that were not present in the old model, and that makes them true wireless headphones smart. One of these functions is the hands free option, that is, which allows the user to control playback without using their hands.

As it has built-in microphones, the new Pixel Buds 2 have full integration with Google Assistant, allowing the user to control the playback of music, answer calls and search for translations using only voice commands, without having to take the phone out of his pocket. Another interesting function is the automatic sound adjustment, which automatically modulates the audio to levels that do not hurt the ear.

With Fast Pair, Pixel Buds 2 make automatic pairing with any smartphone Android in version 6 or higher of the operating system, without the need for any type of configuration.

Fast Pair Pixel Buds 2Pairing via automatic Bluetooth with virtually any Android smartphone (Image: Google)

The battery life is perhaps the only weak point of the device, allowing use for up to 5 uninterrupted hours and an additional 19h provided by the transport box, which adds up to 24 hours of playback without the need to connect it to the charger. O Google still states that the charging by the box is very fast, and only 10 minutes enough for the device to work for another 2 hours.

Despite being a standard duration for wireless headsets (the same as for AirPods), it is very low when compared to other premium headphones in the same price range, such as the Galaxy Buds + gives Samsung, which offers up to 11h of use without having to return the device to the box.

Where to buy Pixel Buds 2

Unfortunately, the Pixel Buds 2 not yet available for Brazil, but it is expected that the Google then bring the device to the country.

For now, the Pixel Buds 2 can be found in the official store of Google in the United States and in some of the company's partner stores, such as Verizon and the Best Buy. The device can be found in these stores from $ 179 and, for now, there is only white, but the store Google cites the options Almost Black (black), Quite Mint (blue) and Oh So Orange (orange) as available in the future.

Source: Droid-Life, Android Central