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Google launches Page Speed ​​online and Chrome plugin

Launched in 2009 as an add-on for Firefox, Page Speed ??is a free code project from Google that helps developers to optimize web pages and improve their access speed.

?Page Speed ??automatically offers compressed images that can be used immediately on your website. The technology is also able to identify problems with JavaScript and snippets of CSS that are not in use to display elements of the page, which helps to considerably reduce the loading and display time for users ?, explained the company.

In Chrome, Page Speed ??can be installed in this way: go to ?about: flags? (type in the address bar) and activate the option ?Experimental extension APIs?. After restarting the browser, it is necessary to install an additional add-on through from this link.

Google informs that over 1 million users currently use Page Speed.

Update: Google has also released a version of Page Speed ??that can be used directly by Google Labs, without the need for a supplement.