Google Launches New Shared Ride Service Using Waze

Waze is a great app for navigating during transportation and works as a social network provided with real-time traffic information. Since its acquisition in 2013 by Google, the service has expanded and received great functionality. Now the company will launch a new shared rideshare service based on the Waze platform, which will work just like Uber. Check out the details in the article.

The system called RideWith will only work in Israel, in the city of Tel Aviv, where tests are already being performed for the new service. The application works very simply, a system that uses Waze navigation to learn the routes most often used by drivers and automatically combine them with those of users who need a ride to the same destination.

According to the folks at Waze, the hitchhiking service will have a limit of two trips per day for each driver, without any fixed salary. The partnership between the service and drivers will involve a small amount of expenses such as tolls, gasoline and vehicle maintenance.

If RidWith is launched worldwide, the news will add strength to Uber, which faces several problems in countries where the service is not legalized, as in Brazil. In addition to Uber, other rideshare services are already running in several places, such as Ponga, Tripda and BeepMe.

What about, will Brazilian taxi drivers have to unite against Google?