Google lança seus novos Pixel Buds, sua segunda geração dos fones de ouvido sem fio

Google launches its new Pixel Buds, its second generation of wireless headphones

The launch event of the new products of Google It happened today, October 15th. O Made by Google brought several new devices, the main one being the Pixel 4. One of the gadgets released was an updated version of the wireless headphones, the Pixel Buds. The new handset brought an updated design and retained some of the first generation functions, such as real time translations.

Google has posted on its Twitter a promotional video of the news, which show what the phone update brought. The publication says: "The new Pixel Buds are designed with you in mind: truly rich, wireless sound, clear calls and an incredibly comfortable and stable fit. #madebygoogle #pixelbuds ". See the publication below:


New phone has camera set similar to iPhone 11 and pre-sale has started

As expected, the new Pixel Buds are equipped with Google Assistant, with Artificial intelligence. The technology provides the user with the ability to: control music, get instant translations, answer or dismiss calls, and check notifications or send text messages. All commands are made by voice, without having to type manually on your smartphone.

The new handset removed the cable from the back of the old gadget, making it more similar to Apple models, the AirPods, but with a much larger base. They continue with the function of real time translation, just like the first generation before that could do the interpretation for at 40 languages. Google has not yet confirmed how many languages ​​are available for the new version. The other functions are similar to those already known in common phones such as noise canceling, answering calls, among other things.


Company can launch second generation wireless handset along with Pixel 4

Google says second generation headphones Pixel Buds They are designed to offer the best digital sound experience for music, podcast and audio lovers, always focusing on convenience and comfort. The new headphones will be available in 2020 between March and June, which corresponds to the spring of the United States. The company announced them by $ 179, which about $ 742 in direct conversion, without considering any fees and taxes.

Source: Google Twitter. [TagsToTranslate] google