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Google Latitude implements alerts and location history

If you are a user of Google Latitude you will love these news: the internet giant has added two new features that make the location monitoring tool even more interesting.

Like Google Latitude History, you can now store your locations and allow you to view them on a map. You can also remove some of the locations and export the history to a KML file. However, it is not yet possible to share your location history with friends.

Another integrated feature is the Google Latitude Alerts, an application that allows you to receive and send notification alerts if your friends on Google Latitude are nearby. “Alerts use location history to send notifications only when the location proves to be interesting for you and your close friends,” explained Google.

Google Latitude Alerts tries to be smart when determining environments based on your location history. “Alerts will only be sent to you and your friends when you are in an unusual place or in a routine place at an unusual time. Keep in mind that it can take up to a week to [o Latitude] learn their “unusual” locations and start sending alerts.