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Google lana Design Guide for Android 4.0

This Friday, Google launched a new website for Android developers in which it brings a Style Guide for the mobile platform.

According to Matias Duarte, head of the Android user experience, Google didn’t have the right place to teach its developers about the principles and standards of application interface architecture.

“We really didn't have a style guide,” says Duarte. “There was a lack of guidance on how to migrate your application from a phone, perhaps, to a tablet. We did this as an example only. ”

The executive also recalled that the construction of the platform still faces barriers created by its own evolution, including the essence of an open source project.

"Designing an open mobile operating system – and doing it very well – is something that has never happened before in human history," Wired magazine said in an interview.

“This is the second part of the Ice Cream Sandwich launch. With this Guide in the air, I can feel like I'm done. ICS is now truly complete. ”