Google keeps Android and Motorola teams contactless

According to the head of Android, Andy Rubin, who even promoted an internal campaign on Google for the acquisition of Motorola, said he was unaware of the direction of the manufacturer, its team and its new products.

ā€œI have nothing to do with them, nor do I know who will execute it. I don't know anything about your products, I didn't see anything, ā€he said. "They will continue to build Motorola-branded devices and be the same team."

"They are separated from me, and I will continue to do my thing," said Rubin, who denies any process or development in conjunction with Motorola.

"Even if I was completely crazy, it wouldn't make any sense for me to think that we could run Motorola until it reached 90% marketshare, given the huge field of Android manufacturers," he said. "It won't happen."

While plans to keep Motorola independent are beneficial to competition and innovation among manufacturers, it does not make it possible for the Mountain View giant to more easily correct design flaws, which has often left devices without upgrades and frustrated customers.