Google Keep can gain greater integration with Google Drive

google-keep Although Google Keep already works within the Google Drive domain, its features are far from any integration with the host product.

However, according to traces found by the Google Operating System in the Chrome extension, changes can make Keep more functional, allowing annotations to be made next to documents sent to Drive.

“At the moment, you can only insert images and save audio files if you use the dictation feature from the mobile application. Codes in Google Keep include several references to a feature that allows you to upload any file to Google Drive and add it to a note, view the file using the Google Drive Viewer or open it using various apps. You will also be able to add videos (YouTube URLs or videos uploaded to Google Drive) and play them within Google Keep, ”says blogger Alex Chitu.

There is no forecast for the release of the new features of Google Keep and Google Drive, but with the codes already present in the extension, they should be released in the coming days.