After testing, now I'm sure I'll never learn to use this app.

Google is working on Snapchat-like service

Copy Snapchat. This is an expression that is automatically associated with Facebook, which blatantly copied the image and video sharing format of the competing social network. Now, though, Google should be the next company to clone a feature that Snapchat is well known for.

Sources linked to The Wall Street Journal ensure that Google is working on a service similar to Discovery, a feature that aggregates newspaper, TV and magazine content within Snapchat. That information comes a few days after a rumor involving both companies, where Big G allegedly proposed to buy Snapchat for $ 30 billion and was denied.

Discovery is a section that brings videos, photos, and custom content into Snapchat. The idea is that teenagers, the age group that most uses the social network, consume news from channels like CNN or Bloomberg in a different way. Google already has a mechanism similar to this service, AMP, which instantly opens selected articles through Google News in full screen.

Apparently, the Mountain View company wants to optimize this space by adding 360-degree video, custom photos, and unique articles. This content will be prepared by companies that will close partnerships with Big G and, according to market sources, vehicles such as Vox, CNN, Washington Post and Time Inc are already within this new venture.

The function is the same as Snapchat Discovery, but the target is Facebook.

O Wall street journal revealed that there is already a name for this new service, which would be Stamp. Some say that the initials "St" refer to the word "stories". Sought by the newspaper, Google issued a note commenting that it has no announcement for this moment, but left a clue that something is coming when saying: "We look forward to sharing more soon."

Despite being a function of Snapchat, I believe that Google resolves to take action against Facebook, which has the Instant Articles platform. This feature makes more users access news without leaving the platform, making Google News less popular.

Can Stamp debunk Snapchat Discovery? How often do you access Google News?