Google is testing native ad blocker on Chrome for Android

Google is testing native ad blocker on Chrome for Android

Ad blockers are a hand in the wheel when it comes to privacy, security and data saving. Yes, by failing to process invasive advertisements on your computer or smartphone you are basically saving all that. Chrome, in turn, is expected to earn its own version of AdBlock next year.

Google will launch in 2018 a much anticipated news by users of Chrome for Android. Finally, the green robot system's native browser will get a native ad blocker, meaning you no longer have to download extensions or applications that do it separately.

Testing this feature is still limited, so you will need to download Chrome Canary, which is a trial version of the browser with features that will be released – or not – in future, stable versions of Chrome. You can download it from the Play Store:

Chrome Canary (unstable)
Install on Google Play

Because it is an experimental feature, it is possible that the ad blocker will not impress you at a glance. I did a lot of testing on sites that display different ad templates, and basically realized no difference between the native feature in Canary and conventional Chrome. To activate it I need to go to Settings> Site Settings> Ads.

chrome canary adblock "sizes =" (max-width: 806px) calc (100vw - 24px), (max-width: 995px) 782px, (max-width: 1216px) calc (2 * (100vw - 30px) / 3) + 15px - 24px), 782px "src =" "srcset =" userfiles / 6675138 / image / chrome-canary-adblock-w782.jpg 782w, 596w, https: // fscl01. 450w, 336w, https: // 300w "class =" lazyload
Google Chrome ad blocker / AndroidPIT

There is, however, a certain expectation around its operation, which should be slightly different from conventional ad blockers. That's because Google's own executives recently commented on these utilities and also on the role of internet advertising. Many sites, portals, and services depend on the revenue generated by these ads, including Google, so Chrome's native blocker should only inhibit invasive pop-ups and malware-laden advertisements.

It won't be the end of the ads, but at least we'll have a truce of those ads that mislead users and hurt the operating system.

What did you think of the feature? Already use or used ad blocker on your Android?

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