Google is saving all your voice searches: learn how to listen to them and delete them!

Google is saving all your voice searches: learn how to listen to them and delete them!

That Google is the largest search engine on the internet, we all know. That Google invests in both written and voice searches, we all know. But did you know that everything you search through the "Ok, Google" command is stored on the company's servers? That's right, Big G is listening to you! Incidentally, not only listening, but also saving your audio files. If you're not into sharing your voice searches with Google, learn how to delete your voice search history.

The first thing you need to know about this audio library is that you are about to find it disturbing. Yesterday I made a comparative video between Galaxy S6 Edge + and Moto X Play and, to my surprise, all voice search was recorded and stored on Google's servers. Why is this disturbing? Well, because the feeling of being a lab rat doesn't please me. Although the recordings are private (says Google) and tied to your email account, it's a fact that we're being used to improve Google's voice search service, or even delivering a lot of information to be targeted by targeted advertisements. . Remember: if the product is free, the product you!

However, you do not necessarily have to hand over your "database" to Google. To delete your voice search list, just go to the portal that reveals all your activities with your Google account (Gmail). To do so, check out the tutorial below.

How to delete your Google voice search history

  • Sign in to your Google email account;
  • Access the history of your web and app activities;
  • Click on the side menu> Voice & Audio Activity;
google backup voice searches
In the side menu, go to "Voice & Audio Activity" and delete all your voice search history. / Google; ANDROIDPIT
  • To exclude items from a certain period, select the trash from the menu at the top of the screen.
google backup searches voice delete history
To delete the audio files, click the checkbox and "delete" at the top of the page. / Google; ANDROIDPIT

According to the website QUARTZ, Google executives have not yet commented on the issue.

And, do you do a lot of searches using Google Now on your smartphone?

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