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Google is developing a new Chromecast Ultra with remote control

Second generation of Google's Chromecast Ultra should come with full Android TV support

About a month after the first rumors emerged that the Google would be developing a second generation of Chromecast Ultra to launch later this year, this Tuesday (28) we had the confirmation that the rumors were real, with the device appearing on the website of NCC (Taiwanese government agency responsible for regulating the entire telecommunications market in the region, with a similar function Anatel Here in Brazil).

The documentation confirms what the rumors said was the main difference from the new version of Chromecast Ultra: the fact that it must have two hardware components, one the equipment you connect to your TV and the second a remote control.

Although the documents themselves are in Mandarin, some information for filling them out is in English, and it is possible to note clearly that the model device GPJ110 refers to the device that is connected to the TV (also known by the name dongle) and the model GPJ100 regards the remote control.

google chromecast ultra 2Approval document for the new Chromecast Ultra at NCC (Image: NCC)
google chromecast ultra 2Approval document for the new Chromecast Ultra at NCC (Image: NCC)
google chromecast ultra 2Approval document for the new Chromecast Ultra at NCC (Image: NCC)
google chromecast ultra 2Control approval document for the new Chromecast Ultra at NCC (Image: NCC)
google chromecast ultra 2Control approval document for the new Chromecast Ultra at NCC (Image: NCC)
google chromecast ultra 2Control approval document for the new Chromecast Ultra at NCC (Image: NCC)

What to expect from the new Chromecast Ultra

The first difference of this second generation of Chromecast Ultra for all other models of the Google Of course, the presence of a remote control itself. This is because no other model in the Chromecast comes with an accessory of the type, unlike some competitors, like the Fire TV Stick gives Amazon.

According to rumors, this remote control of the Google must be a kind of mix between the control of the Daydream View (equipment launched in 2016 that allows the smartphone to be transformed into a virtual reality device) and the control of Apple TV, which is an indication that the Google would be preparing this new Chromecast Ultra to be a good platform both for watching movies and series and for games.

From the data shown on the certification of NCC, it is also possible to realize that this control must come with a built-in microphone (there is a field that shows a value in dBuv / m, a unit of measurement of field strength normally used to indicate the sensitivity of a microphone), which confirms the rumors that the new device would support voice commands through the Google Assistant, and most likely the control will have a specific button for activating voice commands and the option of configuring the TV so that it recognizes them automatically (without the need to press the button).

google chromecast ultra 2Render based on leaks from the remote control design of the new Chromecast Ultra (Image: MySmartPrice)

Already at the other end of the device (the one connected to the TV), few changes are expected in relation to the Chromecast Ultra original, and what should happen is just an update of the logo of the Google (with a more stylized G) and the use of an HDMI connector similar to the one used in the third generation of the Chromecast standard.

There is also not much news regarding the hardware, which will continue to allow transmission in 4K HDR quality, but the big news will be the fact that the new device is all based on the operating system. Android TV. Thus, it must fill a gap in the market, since until then there was no device of the type aimed at the ordinary consumer that would work fully with this operating system. This allows the new Chromecast Ultra get access Netflix, Disney +, Amazon Prime Video and thousands of other applications since launch.

Price and release

For now, there is still no set date for the launch of this device. But, as it has already been approved by both NCC how much by FCC (the United States government's telecommunications regulator), it is very likely that the launch could take place in the coming months.

However, it is not possible to bet on anything at the moment. This is because the pandemic of COVID-19 j hindered many of the plans of the Google – like, for example, forcing the company to cancel its traditional event Google I / O – It is possible that, even with the product approved and ready to be launched on the market, the Google prefer to hold this release for a period after the peak of cases of the disease.

As for the price, none of the rumors fall into this category, but considering that the Chromecast Ultra, when launched in 2016, it reached stores costing US $ 69, so it is possible that the second generation of the device should be sold in a similar price range.

Chromecast today

Currently, there are four models on the market Chromecast, this being three versions of the standard model (Chromecast first, second and third generation) and the Chromecast Ultra.

Launched in 2019, the Chromecast third generation the most recent launch of the Google. According to our product review, it is the fastest dongle in the company, refining what was already great in the second generation and making it even easier to watch streaming services on TV.

Third Generation ChromecastThird generation Chromecast (Image: Google)

In terms of functions, the third generation of Chromecast basically has all the functionality of the Chromecast Ultra, and the only difference between the two models is the maximum resolution allowed. This is because the current Chromecast Ultra (released in 2016) still the only dongle in the Google that allows you to watch videos in 4K HDR, while the maximum resolution of the Chromecast third generation to Full HD.

You can purchase the third generation of Chromecast in American stores with prices from R $ 349.90 or buy a special bundle that you can only find at Magazine Showmetech, where for R $ 579.31 you take home not only one Chromecast 3 but also one Google Nest Mini – the smart speaker of the Google that allow you to use the Google Assistant to control various smart devices in your home.

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