Google is 10 years old. What to expect from Google’s next 10 years?

Today, Google is turning 10.

So, congratulations, Google!

During this period, it became the major Internet service provider we know. However, the question remains: how will Google be on 9/7/2018?

We will try to answer this question, with a futurology exercise, based on the company’s strategies, which we can envision today. I do not know what our degree of correctness will be, not least because the horizon is 10 years. However, we are certain that all predictions have a logical basis.

So, what do we expect to see on Google 10 years from now?

  • searches in all languages ​​and for all countries in the world;
  • translations from all languages ​​to all languages ​​in the world;
  • universal and deeper searches;
  • semantic searches;
  • searches within videos, podcasts and music;
  • searches inside photos, videos, animations, podcasts and maps with automatic recognition of colors, faces, objects, trademarks and current voice;
  • recognition of the current voice and its transformation into text in all the most popular languages ​​on Earth;
  • recognition of the current voice and its simultaneous translation from all to all languages ​​on Earth;
  • recognition of the current voice and its simultaneous translation via IP for cellular devices (this GPhone does not leave my head!);
  • recognition of the current voice and its transformation into text, as a way of changing the interface, both in Google Docs, and in the use of electronic devices to access the Internet, via browsers;
  • satellite photos with ground level resolution from most cities in the world;
  • Google Street View present in most cities in the world;
  • Google Street View may also be extended to public buildings (eg, a football stadium) or commercial houses and will exploit advertising;
  • Google Maps may have a free GPS service, which indicates in audible communication the way forward, in a city or road;
  • Google Maps should have a metro line indication service, similar to that of Yandex;
  • you should also have a weather forecast;
  • Google should come up with a formula to make a layer of 3D buildings from Google Earth available on Google Maps;
  • GMail will increasingly have social relationship resources
  • Google will try to grow in the e-commerce sector, perhaps with the purchase of, or Alibaba. In Brazil, you can buy the B2W;
  • if Google Chrome becomes the success that Google wants, competition with Microsoft will become much greater, leading to a reduction in the market importance of operating systems and productivity applications in the traditional format (Windows and Office box installed on computers ) and the growing importance of productivity platforms via the Internet (Google Docs, Microsoft Office Live, Zoho etc);
  • GMail, the text editor, spreadsheet, presentation editor and Google calendar will certainly gain much more functionality, both traditional, that resembles Office, as well as new features, that bring them closer to the Internet and wiki platforms and will probably win also the company of other products, which will lead to the construction of the set, which is known informally by users as “GDrive”. Ah! They will also gain very large storage;
  • Google Video and YouTube could win TVIP programming similar to Joost and Hulu;
  • YouTube could become the new video library in the world, similar to Google Books, starting with a project to digitize films, documentaries and news from the entire history of video and cinema in the world;
  • Google Finance should display in real time all quotes from all stock exchanges and commodities in the world;
  • Google Checkout will follow the growth of Google Shopping;
  • Orkut will be more open with Open Social, but will face extremely strong competition, especially from Facebook. Perhaps Google will be forced to buy other social networks;
  • the growth of the iPhone phone base, the arrival of Android phones (GPhones) and, who knows, maybe in the future, a new Linux platform for cell phones, which is being made by Nokia, should increase the number of people, who search on the Internet, with great competitive advantage at a global level for Google, which is better prepared for this;
  • the influence of smartphones on the search market will be greater in countries, where there is little or no installed computer base, such as countries in Africa, China, Russia, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia and other Asian countries;
  • competition is likely to intensify in markets, where Google is still unable to own the majority of the search market share and is of great economic importance, such as Japan, South Korea, China and Russia. Among these, it may even, in the next 10 years, acquire a company in Japan or South Korea. In China, this will certainly happen and it should not be just a company;
  • Google Earth is expected to gain much more accuracy from satellite imagery and the release of the Earth version, which will show the bottom of the world’s oceans, is expected over the next two or three years;
  • Google Earth, SketchUp and Picasa will be fully web versions;
  • Picasa will move closer and closer to Flickr It’s from PicNic, presenting much more social features and the possibility of online photo editing;
  • Picasa will also have some features now only existing in Photoshop;
  • YouTube may allow online video edits;
  • Google may launch a 3D system, which reproduces the human body;
  • Google is expected to launch online games, which can be accessed by computers or cell phones;
  • it is certain that Google will enter the CRM, ERP and ECM / GED markets. To do so, it will probably acquire large companies. The most likely candidate is Salesforce, but the acquisition of others and even the construction of own platforms are non-disposable possibilities;
  • Google will continue to be the world leader in Internet advertising;
  • finally, will Google and Apple merge to increase competition with Microsoft? This is very difficult, but it is not at all impossible. If you ask me if I would bet my chips on that, I would say that I am a conservative player and I don’t like too risky bets.

There are many possibilities. In 10, we can check, to see what we got right.