Google iOS app updated with drag & drop support on iPad, Safari extension and more

O Google is announcing today an update of its official iOS app that brings some extremely welcome news to users of the Ma platform who use the search service of the Mountain View giant (that is, basically everyone).

The first one extensive for iMessage, which allows Apple's instant messenger supporters to search the Internet without leaving the app. The options offered are very similar to those of Gboard, and include searching for pages, videos, restaurants or GIFs, all of which can then be immediately shared with your contact on the other side of the screen.

New extension for Google iMessage for iOS

Unfortunately, this feature is only available in the US for the time being, but Google says it is working to expand it to other countries very soon.

With the update, the Safari also gains some more skills Googleanas. Just as it was already possible within the browser of the application itself, it is now possible to search for similar pages where you are currently with the button ā€œSearch Googleā€ in Safari, which is available in the sharing menu. This way, if you are, for example, seeing a fish recipe, just use the option for several other fish recipes to appear in front of you.

Finally, the Google app is finally gaining support for resource of drag & drop iPads. With it, it is possible to drag and drop links, texts and images to / from the app, searching with these elements or transferring them to other places, such as messages, text files or notes.

The new version of Google for iOS is already being released gradually in App Stores worldwide and can be downloaded for free.

Google app icon

via 9to5Mac