Google introduces the new Google+ with a focus on Communities and Collections

Google today announced the arrival of the new Google+, a restructured version of the social network (or social layer, if you prefer!) That incorporates an interface optimized to give greater prominence to two features that have been gaining a lot of popularity in the product: communities and collections.

While Google Photos and Hangouts celebrate their independence, the search engine has been analyzing the behavior and the need to bring focus to those products that effectively collaborate for a more complete experience within Google+.

“We’re introducing a completely redesigned Google+ that puts Communities and Collections in the front and center. Now centered around interests, the new Google+ is much simpler and a quick and consistent experience whether you’re on a big or small screen ”, published the company.

To join the new Google+, just wait for a message that will appear on your screen at any time. As soon as the warning appears, click on the “let’s go” option to activate the new interface.

New Google+