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Google Introduces New Writing Experience in Gmail

Google today announced an interesting change in Gmail that makes the process of writing or replying to emails more comfortable for users. The searcher also pointed out that the change brings the possibility of writing two messages at once.

By clicking on the "Write" button, Gmail will now open a pop-up window similar to Chat windows, only slightly larger. Elements such as subject, address field, and text editing tools have been simplified to make Gmail faster.

“Now you can write messages in a cleaner and simpler way that highlights the message, not the available resources. Instead of taking up the entire Gmail window, clicking on Write now opens a smaller window at the bottom of the screen, ”the company published.

At this time, the new feature will work in preview mode, and you will need to activate the "new writing experience" link that appears next to the "Bookmarks" button at the top of the message you are writing.