Google incorporates Gdrive to Google Docs

Google today released the long-awaited Gdrive. The new service, integrated with Google Docs, allows the sending of any type of file to Google’s servers. Each file will be limited to 250MB and the free space for storing the files will be 1GB. If the user needs additional space, he can hire him at the price of US $ 0.25 per GB. The service will be made available gradually to users and the propagation should take a few weeks.

Standard Docs documents (documents, spreadsheets and presentations) will not consume the space made available for storing other types of files, but I believe that the current limits will be maintained for them:

  • 500KB for text files (.txt, .doc, .docx, .rtf, .odt and .sxw);
  • 1MB for spreadsheets (.csv, .xls, .xlsx and .ods);
  • 10MB for presentations (.ppt and .pps);
  • 10MB for PDFs.

Using the folder sharing feature, you can share files with groups of friends or coworkers. Simply upload the file to a shared folder so your friends and colleagues can view, download, or print it.

You can also search for document files that you have uploaded or that have been shared with you exactly as you do with your Google documents, spreadsheets, presentations and PDFs.

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