Google implements multiple simultaneous logins

Google implements multiple simultaneous logins

As we advanced on the last day 15, Google has just released its users the ability to log in multiple times at the same time.

Initially available for Gmail (except offline mode), Calendar (except offline mode), Code, Reader, and Sites services, the user can authenticate to various Google Accounts and switch between them with a single mouse click.

To sign in to a second account, the user must click on your email address, which appears in the upper right corner of all Google services and then on Sign in to another account….

On the next screen (where some information about the new feature is displayed) the user should enter the login data of the second account he wants to access.

Once logged in to the secondary account, the user simply has to click on the email address to switch between all logged in accounts. As you can see, the first account is always highlighted in bold, and with the observation (default) written on the front.

If for any reason the user wants to disable the new functionality, they must access the Google Account at and click on Change in the option Multiple sign-in.

In the next screen, just check the option Off – Use one Google Account at a time and save the changes.

The new functionality will be released gradually for all users.

I found the new feature excellent. I am happy working life with 3 accounts at one time. And you, what did you think of the news?