Google I / O 2013 happens between 15th and 17th May

One of the most anticipated events in the Android universe is Google I / O, when Big G brings the news in terms of devices and of course, a new version of the Android operating system. Yesterday, Google has announced that the developer event will take place May 15-17 in So Francisco.

For those who don't remember, Google I / O 2012 was the stage for the release of the flagship Nexus 7 and the latest version of Android, Jelly Bean. In addition, he had a cinematic presentation of Project Glass, led by Sergey Brin, with a parachute jump, cyclists performing impossible maneuvers, and a demonstration with few details but full of style.

For 2013, we look forward to the announcement of the highly acclaimed Android Key Lime Pie and maybe some new Nexus device? Apparently, there is no shortage of news. It would be very interesting to see the detailed operation of Google Glass, how to handle, practical hardware applications, software specifications, in short, to show it as a functional device.

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For developers interested in attending the event, stay tuned, as soon as Google announces the registration dates – in February 2013 – we will post here on the site.

What would you like Google to present at Google I / O 2013? Let us know in the comments below.

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