Google Home vs. Apple HomePod: Which is Better?

Houses in which lights turn on or off automatically are already a reality. The future house we imagined in the past century already exists. And we get to the point of putting Google Home vs Apple HomePod in a duel to know who the best.

The gadgets of tech giants Google and Apple are some of the companies that offer products in their industry and make your home a smart home, but they are not the only ones, as we show in this Google Home Mini comparison with the Echo Dot.

The problem: which one to choose?

Although they are similar handsets, they have different performances, as well as some unique features or connections. For example, Google Home certainly works much better for those who use Android phones, while Apple's home assistant is best for those who drop the iPhone.

But don't just use this criterion to make your decision!

It may be that even though the owner of an iPhone, Apple HomePod does not have a function that needs, but is present in the assistant of the rival.

So, see below the clash Google Home vs Apple HomePod!


In this regard, the Apple device wins only if you like the characteristic design of the brand. With a choice of black or white color, it is also worth noting the superior quality of the materials used in its manufacture.

google home vs apple homepod apple

On the other hand, Google Home offers more color alternatives, allowing you to customize it to fit your home style. In addition, there are three models of the device, with different sizes.

smart speaker

Which one is the best in design factor? Much depends on your style or the decor of your home. By allowing more customization options, we get Google Home.

Artificial intelligence

If a device that will control certain functions of your home, you certainly do not want or want to be without understanding your instructions. It is therefore important to evaluate the quality of your artificial intelligence.

On Apple's side, Siri lets you use almost every command it can receive on the iPhone, as well as recognizing which mode it's talking about and triggering the device that's closest to you.

On the Google side of Force, the wizard allows you to request a wider range of commands than Siri. Because it is related to the largest search engine on the Internet, it is easy to receive answers to any request you make. In addition, you can install third party apps.

Although Siri is the main reference when we talk about virtual assistants, there is no denying that the Google Assistant is more advanced and can serve you better.

Music Streaming

It may not be considered a very essential function, but enjoy streaming music services without having to use your cell phone battery or open your wonderful computer!

Therefore, there is no way to stop considering it a criterion in the clash between Google Home vs Apple HomePod. As in the previous items, let's start by talking about HomePod. As expected, it has native compatibility with Apple Music. With the AirPlay function, you can stream what's playing on other streaming services like Spotify from your iPhone or iPad to HomePod.

Google Home does the same with its music services like Google Play Music or YouTube Music. It also supports Spotify and other services with the exception of Apple Music, which cannot be used on the device.

In this regard, it will be more worthwhile to use the service that natively supports your streaming of choice.

google home vs apple homepod music

Sound quality

No way to talk about streaming music without mentioning the quality of the sound reproduced. There is no turning around: the quality of the rival Apple HomePod superior.

On the other hand, Google Home lets you play the same music on every device in the house, something the Apple device doesn't do.

Still, there's no telling that the Google device is better, since what matters is the playback quality of the songs they are listening to.

You can also use the device to send messages and make calls to your contacts. However, none of them are complete and usually have defects.

While the Apple device only allows you to send messages (or play calls that started on the iPhone) in various applications.

Already Google Home does the exact opposite: you can make calls directly from it, but there is no support for messaging.

Google Home vs Apple HomePod: Who Wins?

The answer always depends, but for better customization and greater compatibility with third-party applications, we recommend Google Home to make your smart home.

Apple HomePod is also excellent, but, as with most Apple products, it only works well if you already use other devices from the giant Cupertino.

Who is the winner of the duel for you?