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Google Home Hub to be Google's first 7-inch smart speaker

My Smart Price page has discovered and published full renderings of the new Smart Speaker from Google, a Google Hub, with screenshots of the official product specifications page.

The new Google Home, according to the site leak, go get called Google Home Hub, and have as its main differential its screen of 7 ", this will add other ways to use the Google Assistant.

The screen has ambient light and color sensors, but the device does not have webcam. The device weighs 480gWhich is about the same weight as the Google Home priests.

The screen will display basic and useful information for the day to day, such as the time, the weather forecast and the current temperature, as well as information related to its daily displacement integrated with the Google Maps from your smartphone. As touchscreen as it may be, it should be driven by a slim Google Assistant interface rather than a full operating system.

Behind the screen, a Mute, a large unit of speaker, which will guarantee a long range voice range.

The Google Home Hub feature list has been improved compared to its predecessor versions. Some added visuals depending on the screen, such as:

– Pair Google Home Hub with a Nest Cam, Lights, TVs and other appliances. can be used to enhance security features with voice commands like "ok Google, show the front door camera";

– Access to Google PhotosYou can make albums and slideshows from your library. Access can be done with commands like "Ok Google, show me my photos of Florianpolis".

Google has partnered with over 400 brands to provide compatibility with more than 5000 smart devices. Google Home Hub will support connection 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi. The device will also have access to the Bluetooth.

The device is similar in design to other Google smart speakers. The specs page confirms that there will be a variant in color charcoal (charcoal black)In addition to the white model.

The only thing not revealed by the leak is price that the device will hit the market. The official announcement of the device should not be long, Google Home Hub should be available to consumers. before Christmas.

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