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Google Home Assistant is already answering commands in Brazilian Portuguese

THE brazilian portuguese (EN) was already available on the smartphone app from Google Home, but now there is the wizard's response to commands given by the language. In early 2018 it was promised that the number of languages ​​available in the smart speaker would expand to 38 countries, adding other 17 languages, the year is already coming to an end and not even half of that number has been added yet.

Recently, four Indian languages ​​were placed: Bengali, Marathi, Telugu and tmil. But these languages ​​only appear in the Home app for the smartphone, according to androidpolice, they have not yet won the "speaker", ie no voice response from commands data in the language selected on the mobile device. For the Portuguese this is different, the language was available a few months ago, but now already have the assistant's voice response.

Usually the voice is added when Google officially launches the product in the country, or when it is about to do so. So possibly Google Home arrive to Brazil soon.

The system is being tested in Portuguese and not yet fully working, which means that there are some issues that can be experienced if the device is currently tested in the language, such as crashes, for example.

Google has not yet officially commented on the addition of the new languages ​​or the support for other countries. What is expected until the end of 2018 or beginning of 2019 The company can launch the product to the Brazilian market.

Via: androidpolice. (TagsToTranslate) google (t) google home (t) google assistant (t) english brazil (t) en (t) brazil (t) google home brazil (t) smart speaker (t) smart sound