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Google Glass: specifications and unboxing video

Google Glass does not leave the first pages of technology sites around the world, which is why we are getting closer to the launch of the device and, as a result, we are closer to interacting with one of the most curious gadgets of our time. Check out the technical specifications of Google's augmented reality glasses and the video unboxing performed by user Dan McLaughlin.

Google Glass Allgood
First images of Google Glass with accessories that will be sold together with the device arrive network. / Brandon Allgood

The first information about Google Glass's technical specifications and the guidelines that applications developed for the platform will follow were released yesterday by the search giant. Check out:

  • High resolution screen, equivalent to 25 "HD screen at 2.5m distance
  • 5MP camera and up to 720p video capture
  • transducer audio supported by bone conduction. Such technology causes sound to propagate through vibrations that move through the skull to the auditory nerve. Here a curiosity, through this technique, while the user uses the Glass still interacts with the sound around him.
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g and bluetooth
  • 16GB of total Flash memory with 12GB usable storage and google cloud sync – presumably Google Drive.
  • Battery: A full day of typical use, with higher energy consumption when using features like Hangouts and video capture. Still on battery power, the Google Glass charger comes with a microUSB cable and carries a warning that should be taken into consideration by users: "long and prosperous life" for those who use the cable exclusively for the device.
  • Compatibility: Any Bluetooth compatible phone. The MyGlass app allows GPS and SMS functions and requires Android ICS or higher.

One of the users of Google Glass was kind enough to publish a video showing step by step the process of removing the device from the box, showing all the accessories that come with the device and some of the buttons present in Google augmented reality glasses. Below you follow the video unboxing made by Dan McLaughlin who, among other things, looks really happy with Glass in his hands:

Link to video on YouTube.

During SXSW 2013, google introduced some applications that were already running on Glass, such as Gmail, Evernote, Skitch, Path and InSight, for example. The news announced by the company now were the features and rules to develop them. When it comes to Glass apps, you need to know that they use the HTML and JSON (JavaScript-derived standard) language to display text, images, videos and more that can be considered webapps. Thus, you need internet connection to use them – Wi-fi or 3G shared cellphone via Bluetooth.

In addition, it is very important to mention that Google has developed a standard in the creation of applications in order to avoid an intrinsic feature of Android, the visual fragmentation of Apps. That's why Big G has also provided a guide for developers. Below are four guidelines for developing apps for Google Glass:

  • Glass is a different gadget, so I need to rethink your app to put it on Glass, and test it right on the device
  • Don't get in the way of the user: basically, don't send too many notifications or too flashy
  • Be up to date: Always bring the latest information to your app
  • Avoid the unexpected: Make it clear to the user what your app does, and explicit permission before you do it

In addition, any advertising or charging on apps, as well as their distribution on unofficial Google channels, is prohibited. So it's easy to see how much the company is concerned about providing quality service on its own devices, and we can see the same commitment to improving the Android operating system as a whole.

In fact, this protectionism will have to be rethought in the future, as no developer is going to make a profit to have an app running on Glass for a long time.

Now I ask myself, after the worldwide launch, how long will it take Google to make Google Glass available nationwide? Let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

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