Google Fit comes to iPhone to help you have a healthier life

It would be no hyprbole to say that users of the Apple ecosystem are already very well served with regard to health, wellness and exercise monitoring solutions beyond the Health platform (Health), from Apple itself, a multitude of applications and accessories are available for those who want to go beyond with other companies.

Today, another very tempting option has entered this catalog.

Google Fit app icon: Fitness Monitor

O Google Fit, Mountain View's health platform, recently arrived App Store in a brand new iPhones app.

The software, which received a huge store bath on Android in 2018, comes to the other side of the fence with the same news received on the robot and with a very nice look, based on philosophy.

Material Design 2.

In Google Fit, your activities are divided into two goals: minutes on the move, which count every moment you move, stand, or make a healthy change in your daily life (such as swapping the elevator for the stairs); and cardio points, which account for stronger activities such as a brisk walk or a run.

Data captured by Google Fit in the Apple ecosystem comes from Sade's own platform, Ma's, or Wear OS devices connected to the iPhone; You can connect the Google platform to external services such as Nike + Run Club, Sleep Cycle and others.

However, Fit doesn't work well on Apple's platform: if you have a Smart Wear OS watch connected to the iPhone, for example, the data captured by the accessory will only be shared with the Google service which means that to have a Full report of your activities, you probably need to keep switching between Google Fit and Sade.

Still, the news is great for those who have an iPhone but prefer to stay on Google services.

Google Fit is available for free on the App Store.